It Is The Night I Fear

by Abigail



EP 2011


released October 11, 2011

Mihu (lead vocals), Mirel (drums), Vlad (guitar), Vali (bass), Alex (keyboards), R (vocals, guitar). Album was recorded across several months starting October13, 2010 and September 2011. Mixing was done in house at Moon Studio (R’s home studio), mastering was done at Raza Studios by Mirel. Orchestral arrangements by R. All music by R. Lyrics by Mihu (1 & 2) and R (3 & 4). Artwork by R.



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Abigail Bucharest, Romania

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Track Name: It Is The Night I Fear
It is the Night I fear
The most
Of all the nights I’ve feared
There are so many stains on walls that
If you’ll have a closer look
You’ll see them crawl.
Towards your bed
Towards your feet
Until your scared wide open eyes
Will make them
This single shapeless form that
lingers over you casting no shadow
from the moonlight,
It’s nothing other than your fears
that one by one come back
to hunt and eat your sanity until
no peace of mind is left
This far cry
(that) roars inside of you
it screams.
Liberty of mind it brings
Come and let it out
It is the Night I fear
The most
Of all the nights I’ve feared
Track Name: Sweet Cruelty
There is a time
When the light becomes
Invisible to the eye
And you can see the darkness
In all it’s glory and nakedness
A solemn moment
A line
Drawn by the hand of God
That separates The Now from
what is yet to come
A starlight beam
That cast a shadow
On a memory within…
Like the rain in the winter
Is my existence here
by the Goddess Fortune
So lovely, yet
So miserable this soul
That agonize in pain….
And all the rivers that flow
Inside my soul
From head to toes
They all leave scars and carve
deep trails down to my bones
Until I die
Walk with me towards
Sweet cruelty
Bear with me
This feeling….
Track Name: Astral Sleep
Break of morning
A crimson light
I know I’m free but in between
Why body quivers as if in a dream.
Start to wander this world is dead
A drop of fear begins to spread
A painted shadow disturbs the land
A white appearance on pale sand
Starts to whisper in my ears
Awake to reality
Embrace the fear and pass the gate revealed
Come to me
Can’t you see the other side
For one that yet still lives another has to die
I can feel the cold tendrils of light
Binding me and pulling me inside
I can’t breath the terror’s so intense
Banes are little charcoals brimstone in my vins
Wanter wavelenghts of tremendous pain
Breaking my disgrace
Track Name: Mirror / A Room Without Windows
(Makes me) Wonder why I’m so afraid
In a world of little games
Rise, your fear is my disguise
Another way to play my role
Now rise, my fear it’s your disguise
To be immune to the unknown
You pray the promise’s gone
To wake again
And all will be over
Crush, this world is not enough
The walls are moving down to you
You pray for the second time
To wake again
And al will be over
Run to the door to that spot on the wall
A mirror is watching your moves
On the edge, you are losing your mind
Breath bend the world inside
Claustrophobia draws another line
Free run to the ward inside
Solution is near
You just have to fight